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The RoarAudio project provides beside specifications of the sound system also some implementation and other stuff related to implementing it. The RoarAudio package can be consider some kind of refrence implementation as it is the most complet implementation but also the biggest and most complex one.

Where to start looking?

As user

This depends on what your actual problem is. Normaly for a normal user everything should work just out of the box.

If you have a problem you should maybe ask on the mailing list, file a bug to our BTS or the Bug tracking system of your operating system's vendor.

If you just want to learn more about it you should maybe join the mailing list anyway and start reading about the RoarAudio package as well as the FAQ.

As Developer

Is your application a free one?: Look for RoarAudio package, have a closer look at VS API. Is your application not free?: Look for μRoar. Is your application a embedded one (small device without much resources)?: Look for aroarfw.

Anyway you should join the mailing list. On the list you can ask all questions about RoarAudio, including where to start. Please descripe your project a bit when asking so we know the context and of cause we like to hear about your project even when you do not have any questions. If we consider it a important and supportable one you can get linked.

As Operatingsystem vendor/Package maintainer

Best is to look what others have been done. Maybe you should have a look for maintainers for simular systems. For example when building a package for a Debian based system have a look at the Debian packages. Starting with RoarAudio package is a good thing as it is a depends of most of the other packages.

In this case we very recommend you to join the mailing list. A minimum is to join the low-traffic announce list. This is important because we will anounce new versions, security updates, and such stuff using this list. We also would ask you to tell us which Operating system you do, including some link to OS website, package tracking, bug tracking and such so we can support you in a efficent way!

As hardware vendor

This depends what you are going to do. Depending on this you will normaly fit into one of the categories above.

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