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Not yet released.

  • Fixed a test against OpenSLP.


Release date: Sat Jan 18 2014 23:41 CET

  • Print warning when --load-playlist is used (Closes: #361)
  • Did some hardening, also fixed a bit in AUTOQUEUE support.
  • Avoid segfault on wrong SEARCHPLE syntax (Closes: #364)
  • Corrected rpld_ple_copy() to also copy filenames (Closes: #365)
  • Updated copyright statements.


Release date: Sat Nov 23 2013 11:45 CET

  • Added AUTOQUEUE command.
  • Updated copyright statements.
  • Added support to handle multiple filenames per plent (Closes: #319)
  • Added FALLBACK pointer.
  • Cleanup.
  • Fixed playlist leak.
  • Improved LISTCLIENTS command.
  • Corrected parser errors for simple protocol (Closes: #357)


Release date: Mon Dec 10 2012 16:00 CET

  • Updated win32 port.


Release date: Wed Oct 18 2012 25:51 CEST

  • Init plugins before we start playback. This fixes a bug with the playback-logging plugin.
  • Allow to use NEXT command with autoqueue.
  • Fixed double free caused by deleting to copies of a PLE with extra meta data.
  • Moved to new build system (See: #325)
  • Done win32 port updates.
  • Cleanup of HAVE_LIBROAR_UUID.
  • Changed default socket location to ~/.rpld.
  • Improved RePlayGain support.


Release date: Mon Sep 17 2012 21:23 CEST

  • Reenabled --bl-codec.
  • Updated plugin host interface (version changed).
  • Also try to read from codec-helper if input from the data source is available. Should avoid stalled codec-helpers.
  • Applied "01-hyphen-used-as-minus-sign.diff" patch to manpage from Debian.
  • Added a plugin to write a log file for queues (Closes: #298)
  • Added support to export a playlist via command line parameters.
  • Replaced --load-playlist with --playlist-import.
  • Disabled starting of rpld in debian-like init script by default. This is to better allow per-user sessions as well as rpld instances running only with servers of type +fork.
  • Added support for server meta data like provided by the RoarAudio Protocol. Also added command SERVERINFO. (Closes: #312)
  • Fixed PAUSE command on streams using codec-helper (Closes: #316)
  • Allow backend objects not connected to the server. This is used to avoid queues disappearing on restore in case the server is unreachable (Closes: #317)
  • Correctly handle EOF while in IMPORT (Closes: #320)
  • Work around win32's %lli-bug (See: #271)
  • Ignore all lines in simple protocol starting with hash ('#').
  • Added support to report version, buildstamp as well as distribution-version-string.
  • Added SEARCHPLE command.


Release date: Tue Aug 21 2012 13:09 CEST

  • Add support to hold more meta data (Closes: #202)
  • Fixed an memory leak in IMPORT and EXPORT commands when using STDIN/STDOUT.
  • Added support to read and write URAS playlists (Closes: #299)
  • Added script to manipulate stores offline (Closes: #59)
  • Updated plugin host interface (version changed) (Closes: #304)
  • Changed --load-playlist with --restore back to expected behavior.


Release date: Thu Aug 09 2012 17:00 CEST

  • Use UUID API of libroar and remove dependency on libuuid (Closes: #266)
  • Delay adding queue to "Main Queue" until command lion switches are read and server address is set. This allows --server to as expected again (Closes: #259)
  • Added support to not connect to a server at startup (Closes: #260)
  • Free Main Queue and Main History early in case of loading "new" (>= 0.1rc7) stores. This saves a few bytes of runtime memory.
  • Prepared porting to the common protocol interface (See: #261)
  • Do not try to install deprecated tools (Closes: #289)
  • Enabled optimizer (-O2).
  • Implemented Common Protocol Interface support (Closes: #261)
  • Added watchdog (Closes: #292)


Release date: Tue Jul 10 2012 17:43 CEST

  • Fixed a segfault in autoqueue.
  • Added new command LISTCLIENTS (Closes: #227)
  • Added new command IDENTIFY (Closes: #242)
  • Removed the deprecated tools rpld-{play,stop,prev,store,addplaylist,delplaylist} (Closes: #239)


Release date: Fri May 25 2012 20:43 CEST

  • Corrected symlink generation for manpages.
  • Updated debian init script.


Release date: Thu May 24 2012 21:33 CEST

  • Improved error handling
  • Added common options to tools (Closes: #237, See: #239)
  • Added status command to debian init script (Closes: #204)
  • Check argument list to be present (Closes: #241)
  • Added SHOWQUEUE command.
  • Added support to import xspf playlists (Closes: #65)


Release date: Sun May 13 2012 21:28 CEST

  • Fixed warnings on AMD64 (Closes: #203)
  • Added support to set audio info of codec helper (Closes: #200)
  • Added support for multiple queues (Closes: #210, #211, #198)
  • Added const keywords to client_str2acclev() and client_str2proto() (Closes: #216)
  • Support reading old stores (Closes: #221)
  • CURRENT, DEFAULT and STARTUP pointers are now per queue (Closes: #223)
  • Make global variables more local.
  • Reduced memory usage (by ~24% on test setup).
  • Updated plugin system (export public header with plugin API).


Release date: Sat Mar 17 2012 13:12 CET

  • Ported to RoarAudio 1.0* (Closes: #182)
  • Fixed some compiler warnings.
  • Added support to load plugins.
  • Added some more const keywords.
  • Made some global variables more local.
  • Re-ported to win32.
  • Increased maximum number of playlists to 64.


Release date: Fri Sep 30 2011 14:07 CEST

  • Some fixes to smooth usage on win32.
  • Corrected license headers.
  • Support to load playlist via command lion.
  • Support playback while import.


Release date: Tue Dec 21 2010 15:57 CET

  • Corrected test for libuuid and libslp
  • Added codec-helper directory with common Codec Helpers
  • Moved rpld-* tools from RoaringBox package to this one.
  • Added support for random EIs and random pointers.
  • Store and restore volume via normal store directory (Closes: #67)
  • Added support (currently write only) for XSPF playlists (See: #65)


Release date: Thu Nov 18 2010 15:42 CET

  • Set ownership and rights on UNIX sockets on our own, no need to be set by init script anymore (Closes: #69)
  • Do not kill process if pidfile does not exist or is empty (Closes: #70)
  • Handle server side volume changes correctly (Closes: #68)
  • Added support for --close-fh and --client-fh (Closes: #71)
  • Added support for --no-listen
  • Done some manpage updates.
  • Avoid non-deletable pid-file
  • Fixed a lot compiler warnings (-Wextra stuff only)
  • Fixed spaces in IMPORT and EXPORT commands bug (Closes: #79)
  • Set debug message prefix correctly


Release date: Tue Nov 09 2010 17:05 CET

  • Fixed OpenSLP support (cased when libroar not supporing SLP)
  • Added non-fatal version of --restore (Closes: #58)
  • Corrected text in Debian init script (Closes: #57)
  • Reject to run as root. Fixes root exploit trigged by very stupid users (Closes: #63)


Release date: Fri Oct 01 2010 21:08 CEST

  • Added history playlist
  • Updated mpd protocol support a lot


Release date: Sat Jul 24 2010 23:04 CEST

  • Added manpage
  • Added UNAUTH command in simple protocol
  • Changed all internals from sysio to VIO


Release date: Mon May 03 2010 22:12 CEST

  • support for auto locating files if no filename is given based on Tantalos
  • Added support for reading meta data from roard
  • started MPD protocol emulation
  • wrote control files for Debian


Release date: Sun Jan 10 2010 23:42 CET

  • Start of project
  • Support for multiple playlists
  • Import/Export for RPLD, VCLT, M3U, PLS, Plain
  • Support for UNIX/IPv4/DECnet sockets
  • Support for Store and Restore
  • Support for codec helper
  • Support files for Debian like systems
  • configure and install make target
  • Support restore of UUID from VCLT playlists
  • Support for two pointers: current playlist pointer, default playlist pointer
  • Support to store pointers
  • PIDFile support
  • support to pause streams
  • support for Artist/Performer to be diffrent
  • support annoucement via OpenSLP
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