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Release date: Thu Jan 24 2019 22:37 UTC

  • Added user defined RoarDMX events.
  • Added support for rangeset to libroarlight, roard and roarlight.
  • Added support to load light control filters into roard.
  • Removed roard plugins dmx-random and dmx-strobe from autobuild list as they are replaced by SLFI filters 'random' and 'strobe'.
  • Changed ABI version of roard because of updates on light_dmxchannel_*().
  • Correct output of roar-config --cflags and --libs (pr1)
  • Moved include of <sys/socket.h> around to re-enable build on *BSD (pr1)
  • Fixed tic-tac-toe plugin, print actual host (pr1)
  • Updated list of protocol IDs (Closes: #369, #264, #265) (pr1)
  • Corrected UUID generation (pr1)
  • Pulled patches from Debian, mostly spelling fixes (pr1)
  • Added Vendor IDs for Loewenfelsen (pr1)
  • Disables fopencookie() support (See: DEB#915345)


Release date: Tue Jan 21 2014 21:04 CET

  • Updated checks on commandlion parameters (Closes: DEB#716264, DEB#716251, DEB#716245, DEB#716240)
  • Marked roarcatvio as obsolete. Added all unique features to roarcatplay.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Removed roarfish(1) (Closes: #339)
  • Implemented read-only support for RAUM files using uniraum, support using libRAUM got disabled (See #233).
  • Added support for setting a default device for roard at compile time.
  • Removed OpenSSL support (See: #366)
  • Also use uname() and hostid for seeding nonce generator.
  • Updates of copyright and license headers


Release date: Tue Oct 15 2013 12:03 CEST

  • Added build summery feature to RABS and configure script.
  • Moved away from roar_libroar_get_path_static().
  • Added GPIO service.
  • Added GPIO driver: piface.
  • Added roard driver: i2cdmx.


Release date: Mon Feb 18 2013 23:28 CET

  • Updated manpages.
  • Mark roarsockconnect, roartypes and roarfish as obsolete.
  • Removed unused checks in configure. Improves build speed slightly.
  • Re-ported to OpenBSD.
  • Made build system tests return correct error codes.
  • Improved CSI: Make it easier to register and access services.
  • Allow seperation of plugin's stdvios (See: #296)
  • Added half of the support for AppSched Triggers ABOUT, HELP and PREFERENCES.
  • Avoid %llX on win32 (Closes: #271)
  • Added support for +fork on win32 (Closes: #337)
  • Fixed symlink creation on win32 (Closes: #328)
  • Added support to disable debugging information (Closes: #338)
  • Corrected default paths (Closes: #345) (pr1)
  • Also set PATH so tests works on win32 as well (Closes: #341) (pr1)
  • Use 16 bit mixers in roard on win32 to avoid problems with wmm (Closes: #340) (pr1)
  • Corrected symlink creation to avoid problems on non-win32 (Closes: #346) (pr1)
  • Added new plugin service-client (pr1)


Release date: Mon Dec 10 2012 12:42 CET

  • Changed plugin ABI version number for roard.
  • Removed check for libuuid as it is no longer used.
  • Fixed roard's 'dmx' driver.
  • Added new plugins: dmx-random, dmx-waveform, protocol-http.
  • Added CPI support to roarpluginrunner.
  • Moved protocol support into new plugins protocol-esound, protocol-rplay and protocol-gopher (Closes: #311)
  • Allow RAT builds on systems with full linkage.
  • Provide a more common interface for path config.
  • Improved env API.
  • Added support for configureable memmgr backend (Closes: #334)
  • Moved notify debugging support out of roard into plugin debug-notify.
  • Added support to roar-config to check versions (Closes: #336)
  • Improved build system a lot.


Release date: Tue Oct 23 2012 23:28 CEST

  • Improved kv API.
  • Avoid warning about failed memlock on win32 (Closes: #329)
  • Changed plugin ABI version number for roard.
  • Added support for v3 and v5 UUIDs.
  • Added new configure option '--root' (Closes: #326)
  • Improved roar-config.
  • Install parts from build system (Closes: #325)
  • Re-ported to win32 (Closes: #330, #331)
  • Fixed segfault caused by strstr() in low level socket interface.
  • Disabled gcrypt support by default.
  • Improved handling of mixing OpenSSL enabled applications with libroar without OpenSSL support.
  • Added scheduler (mainly for IO events) (Closes: #206)


Release date: Fri Sep 21 2012 18:03 CEST

  • Fixed memory leak in hash framwork. Affacted RNG (Closes: #310)
  • Updated CMD VIO to no longer eat more than needed. Helps resolving a endless loop in rpld.
  • Added audio clock to roard's libshout driver 'shout'.
  • Corrected typos.
  • Disabled building with libFLAC when using --without-beta (See: #306)
  • Removed roard's sched support (Closes: #277)
  • Removed support for roard's proto support (replaced by CPI) (Closes: #278)
  • Changed default linkage model for ELF to indirect (Closes: #281)
  • Updated VIO CMD to work around kernel bugs in Linux kernel.
  • Improved kstore API (See: #317)
  • Updated list of error values.
  • Optimized roar_buffer_set_len() for incremental buffer size growth (Closes: #284)
  • Added RAT test 'buffer_set_len'.
  • Added compiler checks for printf() like format strings.


Release date: Mon Aug 20 2012 23:52 CEST

  • Fixed pa_xfree() (Closes: #293)
  • Allow passing of extra parameters to cdrivers (Closes: #290)
  • Converted roard's protocol-irc plugin to CPI (Closes: #295)
  • Updated protocol magic numbers (See: #262)
  • Implemented watchdog (Closes: #291)
  • Added meta generes (See: #301)
  • Fixed metadata handling in meta.c.
  • Added support for RePlayGain (RPG) control (See: #300)
  • Fixed compiler warnings about roar_meta_strtype(3) (Closes: #305)


Release date: Mon Aug 06 2012 16:43 CEST

  • Stop building roard with -rdynamic on win32 (Closes: #269)
  • Renamed protocol plugins for roard to protocol-* (Closes: #258)
  • roard now tries to auto load missing protocols as plugins (Closes: #275)
  • Improved tic-tac-toe plugin.
  • Improved roarclientpass in execed mode.
  • Improved support in roard for client passing.
  • Disable building of roard plugins on windows as PE doesn't support them (Closes: #274)
  • Support a common protocol interface (Closes: #257)
  • Converted roard plugins to universal where possible (Closes: #256)
  • Corrected critical bug in UUID support (compare function overwrote arguments) (Closes: #276)
  • Updated manpages.
  • Moved strselcmp() and strseltok() to libroar (Closes: #285) (pr1)
  • Added roar_buffer_moveintoqueue() (Closes: #283) (pr1)
  • Typo corrections (Closes: #282) (pr1)
  • Updated common protocol interface (Closes: #257, #256) (pr1)
  • Handle super long client names well (Closes: #286) (pr1)


Release date: Sun Jul 15 2012 26:08 CEST

  • Try use-execed workaround also on UNIX Domain Sockets (Closes: #207)
  • Implemented SHA1 support (Closes: #232)
  • Fixed usage of -R/-B/-C/-E as well as --aiprofile in roarclients (Closes: #176)
  • Done more hardending work.
  • Improved error handling (including on win32) (Closes: #235, #255)
  • Added small DTMF library.
  • Added filter based on Goertzel algorithm.


Release date: Wed Jun 06 2012 19:56 CEST

  • ROAR_DL_PLUGIN_START() now checks para structure (Closes: #236)
  • Added support for AutoAppSched to the plugin container.
  • Added simple UUID interface (Closes: #230)
  • Improved random number generator.
  • Added a way to register plugin parts with a universal API (Closes: #245)
  • Updated debian init script (Closes: #183)
  • Fixed detection of dynamic loader on *BSD.


Release date: Sat May 12 2012 11:49 CEST

  • Added support to load plugins from search path
  • Added key based store (Closes: #199)
  • Improved plugincontainer.
  • Improved downmix filter.
  • Fixed support for chardev based servers.
  • Improved error handling (mainly in HTTP VIO support).
  • Added NO_RETEST flag to roar_vio_select().
  • Seperated roard and universal plugins.
  • Added plugins: tic-tac-toe (roard) and helloworld (universal).
  • Some small, general improvements to roarclients.
  • Changed roard plugin ABI version to 1.0beta1.
  • Corrected usage of -Wextra (pr1).
  • Updated build options for RAT (pr1).
  • Work around bugs in win32 while using stdvios (pr1).
  • Added support to load plugins on win32 (pr1).
  • Added support for quotes strings to kv split and roardl para argument splitting (pr1).
  • Added support for an application mode in roarpluginrunner (pr1).
  • Improved plugincontainer (pr1).
  • Added manpages for roarpluginapplication and roarpluginrunner (pr1).


Release date: Fri Mar 16 2012 19:39 CET

  • Updated API (SONAME change) (Closes: #184, #185, #128, #135, #134, #133, #129, #188, #126, #127)
  • Do not set errno to zero in ogg_vorbis codec filter (Closes: #191)
  • Updated data types for struct roar_audio_info (Closes: #189)
  • Removed old functions from API (Closes: #186, #187, #130)
  • Removed old roarclients (See: #130)
  • Improved plugin loader a lot (Closes: #190)
  • Added VIO/DSTR for SOCKS proxy (See: #187)
  • Added support for stream direction RECPLAY.
  • Ported to Win32 (again...) (pr1)
  • Updated debian init script (pr1)
  • Typos (Closes: #192) (pr2)
  • Support MUTE flag on output streams as well (Closes: #194) (pr2)
  • Fixed bug in MIDI clock (Closes: #193) (pr2)


Release date: Fri Nov 11 2011 20:12 CET

  • Fixed segfaul in FLAC cf (Closes: #177)
  • Fixed invalid pointer aliasing (Closes: #178)
  • Fixed segfaul in PortAudio driver(v19) if no device is found.
  • Fixed invalid pointer aliasing in filter code (pr1)
  • Fixed remote a local buffer overflow in client to message converter code as well as a remote attackable overflow in message to client converter code (pr1)
  • Updated error handling (pr1)
  • Moved error frame handling into proto functions (pr1)
  • Updated manpages (pr1)
  • Updated filters to support 8 and 32 bit mode as well (pr1)
  • Re-wrote ALSA plugin (pr1)
  • Updated ports to minimal, win32 and avr (pr2)


Release date: Mon Sep 05 2011 15:25 CEST

  • Fixed endlessloop in MIDI subsystem (Closes: #137)
  • Added new error codes (mostly from POSIX)
  • Corrected targets for complibs symlinks (Closes: #168)
  • roard now starts up in 32 bit mode by default. (configure option has been addded) (Closes: #48)
  • Updated debian init script (Closes: #169, #171)
  • Started to use compiler attributes (Also see: #130)


Release date: Sun Jul 10 2011 13:26 CEST

  • Updated roar_panic() (Closes: #132)
  • Updated roar_reset() (Closes: #131)
  • Added memory corruption and double free detection to buffer API.
  • Updated drivers to use new sync stream selection logic correctly (Closes: #136)
  • Converted most roarclients to to use VS API (See: #87)
  • Added support for ROAR_CMD_GETTIMEOFDAY
  • Added manpages for all VS functions (Closing: #4)
  • Some updates and small fixes for the win32 stuff.
  • Support non-blocking latency request in VS API (Closes: #97)


Release date: Mon May 23 2011 19:49 CEST

  • Added new error codes.
  • Improved listing of audio profiles.
  • Added functions to access symbolic names for audio info parameters (Closes: #51)
  • added VIOs and DSTR elements: full:
  • Some cleanup of roarclients to fix ckport warnings.
  • Fixed warning on FreeBSD about tempfile in ast2roar (Closes: #47)
  • Added support for role based handling in roard (Closes: #49)
  • Added support for non-stream execs (Closes: #32)
  • Done some libroardsp header cleanup (Closes: #36)
  • Use zlib for gzip and zlib format (Closes: #29)
  • Added simple memmgr (memory Manager) code.
  • Updated libroarpulse, includes converting libroarpulse-simple to VS API.
  • Added support for OpenBSD sndio's new TCP connection syntax.
  • Corrected linkage in indrect mode (pr1)


Release date: Tue Apr 26 2011 08:42 CEST

  • Started with support for non-blocking server locating attempts.
  • Speed up SLP lookup without DA by about 6 sec.
  • Added source radionoise to roard. This is used to generate low energy noise so codecs do not drop to (near) zero bitrate.
  • Added aRts (artsc) driver to roard.
  • Removed old -d and friends from roard (Closes: #122)
  • added support to roard for record streams.
  • Added commands clientinfo and streaminfo to roarctl.
  • Added Record Bridge to roard.
  • Added VIOs and DSTR elements: null:, zero:, nrandom:
  • Added support for HTTP Basic Auth
  • Fixed time display of roarvorbis if file has unknown playback length
  • Auto select a stream if no stream has sync flag. (Closes: #30)
  • Install ckport database
  • Updated PortAudio driver for roard (which now supports v.19 API)


Release date: Sun Mar 20 2011 12:15 CET

  • Added support for UNMAPPED volume control (Closes: #55)
  • Better auth type order support (Closes: #6)
  • Updated configure (Closes: #94, #27)
  • Disable more stuff in minimal build (Closes: #104)
  • Added time display to roarvorbis (Closes: #102)
  • Added support to roarshout to read password form user or file (Closes: #101)
  • Added IPv6 support
  • Updated Debian init script (See: DEB#613772)
  • Added support for use of DECnet and ARP neighbour tables to locate servers (enumdev only at the moment) (pr1)
  • Added support for a simple trap mechanism (pr1)
  • Added simple authfile support to roard (pr1)
  • Moved error string lookup from VS into error.c (pr1)
  • Added Adler32 support (Closes: #123) (pr1)


Release date: Wed Jan 26 2011 23:26 CET

  • Updated roarvorbis (Closes: #103, See: #87)
  • Fixed small win32 bugs
  • Fixed Typos (Closes: #100)
  • Added basic gopher server to roard.
  • Added managed latency mode to VS API (Closes: #121)


Release date: Sun Dec 12 2010 10:28 CET

  • Announce standards via OpenSLP (Closes: #5)
  • Updated VS API (Closes: #54, #99, #98)
  • Added a buffered mode for VS API (Closes: #2, #96)
  • Added a file mode for VS API (Closes: #3)
  • Added support for CRC24 (RFC 4880)
  • Added Base64 support.
  • Added codecfilter for FLAC (read-only, native FLAC).
  • Use libroar's MIME Type lookup functions (Closes: #56)
  • Added RSound's new 32 bit support to libroarrsound
  • Updated docs
  • Support dir parameter in OINFO command (Closes: #31)
  • Corrected error codes in VS API (Closes: #90)
  • Updated reassigned commands (GET_ACL->AUTHCTL, SET_ACL->ACLCTL)
  • Updated ring buffer code (Closes: #91)
  • Fixed a FTBFS error with clang (Closes: #86)
  • Corrected some typos in manpages (pr1)
  • Support option to disable OpenSLP (pr1)


Release date: Mon Nov 01 2010 16:14 CET

  • Implemented a very general test for types. Needed by win32 port.
  • Added support to enum servers with roarctl.
  • Improved server eunm.
  • Implemented SERVER_INFO command.
  • Added some basic crypto functions.
  • Implemented Tiger Hash Algo.
  • Implemented basic AUTH command.
  • Implemented CAPS command.
  • Wrote authfile API.
  • Changed SONAME version to 1.
  • Changed buffer interface, no public struct anymore.
  • Fixed lots of compiler warnings
  • Added new test system RAT
  • Added support for single sink mode (Closes: #25)
  • Implemented atomic flag toggling and flag protection.
  • Started porting to OpenVMS (See #24)
  • Escape user input to configure script correctly (Closes: #28)


Release date: Fri Oct 01 2010 13:36 CEST

  • fixed FTBFS with newer versions of RSound
  • Added memory locking module to roard
  • fixed libroaross's select() to work with mplayer
  • fixed a problem with PASSFH on some systems
  • Added LTM support to libroar and roard (roard only supports RMS)
  • Added a lot const keywords
  • Added notify framework (process internal signals)
  • Added support for WAIT command
  • Added support to get a list of possible servers (enumdev)
  • Added hwmixer support to roard
  • fixed LD_LIBRARY_PATH bug in roarify (GNU systems only) (pr1) (Closes: DEB#598295, CVE-2010-3363)
  • fixed matrix pointer bug in libao driver. (pr1)
  • Some doc updates (final release)


Release date: Sun Aug 22 2010 26:14 CEST

  • Fixed locking bug with libroaross and Audacity
  • Added working resampler code thanks to maister. (Closes: DEB#592017)
  • Changed way to find default driver.
  • Updated Debian init script
  • Added VS API
  • Fixed strange bug in RSound emulation killing streams after long time.
  • Removed libao and audacious plugins (they are in upstream now)
  • Added basic bash completion script
  • Updated ckport database file to match the current libs (pr1)
  • Wrote more comments in the VS header (pr1)
  • fixed latency stuff in VS (pr1)


Release date: Fri Jul 23 2010 15:11 CEST

  • Added support for audio profiles
  • Updated libroarrsound
  • Added RPlay protocol to roard
  • Updates of copyright and license headers
  • Added ckport file
  • Updated some tools to get away from old, legacy and security relevant function calls
  • Fixed bug with incorrect number of arguments to roard
  • Added some more ROAR_INFO()s to roard
  • Added tool roarclientpass
  • Corrected Debian init script (pr1)
  • Fixed problems on Big Endian systems with libdnet (pr2)


Release date: Thu Jun 24 2010 20:47 CEST

  • Added something like select() for VIOs
  • Fixed a lot warnings
  • disabled cmd codecfilter by default
  • Fixed error with roarinterconnect on non-OSS systems
  • Fixed some problems with minimal builds
  • Some Copyright fixes
  • much better VIO support for connections
  • much better OSS emulation
  • Updated win32 port
  • Updated RSound support
  • fixed pos calc in case of PCM->PCM converting (pr1)
  • fixed libroarpulse (pr2)


Release date: Sun May 02 2010 12:41 CEST

  • added tool roardtmf
  • Support to store server address in X11's root window propertys
  • some small fixes
  • wrote a lot more libroarpulse code, some async API clients work now
  • added compbins for esddsp, artsdsp, audiooss, padsp
  • splited libroarpulse and libroarpulse-simple
  • upgraded some code to use VIO
  • more updates for Debian
  • fixed init script for Debian and Debian like systems
  • fixed some mixer stuff, a lot things work better now
  • added support for notify beeps
  • updated drivers
  • updated ROAR_{ERR,WARN,INFO,DBG}()
  • added syslog support
  • updated test suit
  • done a lot work on libroaross
  • fixed segfault in ALSA plugin
  • Added support for OSS to roarinterconnect(1)
  • Added server side RSound Emulation
  • Added libroarrsound, client side RSound Emulation
  • Added ALSA driver
  • Added RSound driver
  • Added PortAudio driver


Release date: Sat Feb 06 2010 26:02 CET

  • Applyed patches for Debian
  • updated roarify to load libs of correct version
  • updated list of supported versions (complibs)
  • added header with common units
  • added support for PulseAudio Simple protocol
  • added support to libroaross to emulate DMX4Linux (write only)
  • added DSTR driver to roard
  • updated librarys' soname
  • do not link OpenSSL by default (licence incompatible?)
  • support for dynamic lib loading, plugin interface
  • support to for registering DSTR types
  • moved WinSock things out of main vio.[ch]
  • support auto-tool --prefix*=*


Release date: Fri Jan 22 2010 22:17 CET

  • added some aRts/NAS/YIFF/PulseAudio tools to compbins
  • added support for comp libs to roar-config
  • added support for uni-directional streams in roarinterconnect
  • write much better support for config, including codec config
  • reduced the TCP overhead produced by speex
  • added support for speex preprocessor
  • get names of complibs from table, do not guess them
  • a lot small fixes
  • moved most of the mixer stuff out of roard into libroardsp
  • added flags immutable and enhance
  • test for signal.h
  • Corrected (DSTR) HTTP Protocol support so servers without headerflush should now work, too.
  • added protocol support for icy
  • Added version numbers to lib names
  • updated manpages
  • wrote OSS emulation
  • fixed test scripts


Release date: Mon Oct 05 2009 19:48 CEST

  • Added prethru flag
  • Added support to read info about client's network node
  • Ported libroaresd, libroarartsc
  • Fixed some problems with EsounD emulation
  • added support for compatibility binarys
  • added poll() support to libroarsndio
  • reject streams of unsupported codec


Release date: Sat Sep 26 2009 25:50 CEST

  • incremented nummber of streams per client fron 4 to 8
  • RIFF WAVE codecfilter uses virtual streams
  • another set of changed names of parameters in roarctl
  • Interface to read byteorder of a client from roard
  • implemented a 'state of stream' var
  • cleanup, small fixes
  • added VIO interface to transcoder interface
  • ask codecfilter of parent in case of new child stream
  • added 'subsystem' complex: multi subsystem data on single streams
  • added basic /Radio Data and Trasmitter Control System/.
  • better support for stereo upmixing
  • make audio group a optional thing
  • better support for win32
  • wrote WMM driver
  • better multi protocol support
  • Support for server side EsounD emulation on win32


Release date: Sun Sep 06 2009 22:42 CEST

  • added new stream directions for MIDI and light control
  • cleanup of client stream struct
  • added basic light control subsystem
  • added DMX512 driver
  • wrote basic MIDI subsystem
  • added flag 'mute'
  • added flag 'mmap'
  • added lib libroarmidi and libroarlight
  • added OpenSLP support
  • rewote fillmixbuer2 code
  • added a roar_conv2() with a more clear API
  • added support to write pidfile
  • added support for encoding 32 bit Vorbis streams
  • added transcoding features in libroardsp
  • added tool 'roarphone'
  • added tool 'roarinterconnect'
  • added simple raw data subsystem
  • added working support for THRU streams
  • changed names of parameters in roarctl
  • added lib libroareio - Extended IO for RoarAudio
  • Update order of default drivers, now it is: oss, ao, esd, null
  • cleanup of old sysio driver interface
  • added server side EsounD emulation
  • added multi homed support to server
  • fixed a long outstanding bug with pa_path_get_filename()


Release date: Thu May 21 2009 21:00

  • do a some more testings for functions not existing on win32
  • init winsock
  • done a lot fixes in order to get libroar and some clients work on win32
  • done a lot cleanup on configure script


Release date: Sun May 17 2009 25:44

  • corrected check for GNU peercred
  • added basic logging support to configure
  • fixed plugin configures
  • added and fixed semi-install target on plugins
  • call plugin configures from main configure
  • include plugins in Makefile known to work from configure
  • fixed Makefiles of plugins: added -I../../include, -L../../lib
  • Make use of pkg-config in plugin configures
  • corrected possition of -ls on linker commands in most Makefiles
  • added more explicide linker commands so most things now build with classic BSD make.
  • devided into components: libs, roard, clients, doc
  • add toption to set roard's cycle freq
  • moved a lot things in plugin's configure scripts to a commone one


Release date: Wed May 13 2009 12:05

  • Started to port to OpenSolaris
  • fixed bug in default based sockets, make HTTP VIO from non default port work
  • got libroarsndio build under OpenBSD 4.5
  • do not depend tests in configure on roaraudio.h: fixes some checks on *BSD
  • renamed member 'fh' of connection struct to '__fh', this breaks all code depending on it so we see how it behaves in case we replace this with a real VIO object in near future
  • started VIO 2popen interface
  • fixed exec() on systems with sizeof(int) != sizeof(char*)
  • do not do unnessesery calls to fdatasync() on sockets
  • link roarvorbis against libogg and libvorbis
  • remove need of GNU/Tar like -z on remote system from send-roaraudio
  • added support for hwmixer flag on OSS and sndio driver
  • fiexed some typos


Release date: Fri May 01 2009 15:15

  • added esdfilt options to roarfilt, esdplay options to roarcatplay
  • added short options to roarcat/mon/filt as stated in the manpage
  • updated manpages
  • also build libroar{,dsp}.a
  • Changed VIO CTLs in a binary inkompatible way
  • added support for autoconf flag to OSS driver
  • added driver for OpenBSD sndio interface
  • started libroarsndio
  • added code for plugins: audacirus, mplayer, gst10
  • fixed some building problems
  • added roarify and s start for it's manpage
  • added stream flags pause and hwmixer


Release date: Fri Mar 27 2009 21:20

  • added (dummy) flags autoconf and cleanmeta
  • added streams_ctl() to server
  • added support for primary flag as -oO, support for blocks parameter
  • added (GnuPG) pinentry support.
  • added support for Ogg Vorbis encoder to set meta data :)
  • fixed some (minor) bugs, including segfault in vio
  • added a lot things to the vio interface
  • added gzip and simple OpenPGP support to vio interface
  • added a simple pointer stack.
  • added (OpenSSH) askpass support.
  • added vio pipe support, currectly pipe() and socketpair() based onse.
  • test for OpenSSL
  • added support to VIO open OpenSSL BIOs
  • added support to read a string and convert it into a VIO stack
  • added simple VIO stack as VIO pass object
  • started cleaner VIO Socket implementation
  • Reduced lib size with --minimal trasticly (>33%!)
  • Done a lot patches to makeing RoarAudio more portable (also to win32)
  • moved convert.[ch] and poly.[ch] from libroar to libroardsp
  • updated AUTHROS, README and check HACKING
  • added tools/send-roaraudio: tool to send RoarAudio von CVS to a different host in order to test it.
  • added dist/archlinux and archlinux rc script.


Release date: Mon Feb 23 2009 25:08

  • added options --default-codec and --without-cf-cmd to configure script
  • added some funcs to list of frozen API calls
  • added sleep command to roarctl
  • updated roard manpage
  • fixed a possible segfault within auto codec detection and added support for native flac
  • fixed some compiler warnings
  • made roarcat and roarmon 100% esdcat and esdmon compatible
  • set fragment size for OSS driver
  • fixed some minor bugs
  • changed buffer interface a bit to support non buffer alloced buffers


Release date: Wed Feb 04 2009

  • use new driver interface as default (finally!)
  • fixed a bug in roard to not accept new streams in termination state
  • added support to filters to reset
  • added basic support to report latency
  • added vio support for ctl()s
  • allow overruns in sync output streams
  • solved double close bug
  • added support for non-execed streams with client behinde a NAT gateway
  • use socketpair() for AF_UNIX streams to create a new non-execed stream
  • got AF_UNIX support back working on OpenBSD
  • added needed paths for OpenBSD
  • only use use fsync() if there is no fdatasync()


Release date: Wed Jan 21 2009

  • done some patchs to help porting libroar to win32
  • made libm optional
  • added option to configure to build without any optional compontents
  • added option to configure to give a helper programm to exec tests (e.g. wine)
  • updated help a bit
  • fixed roarbidir
  • added support for sync vio
  • updated roarfctest
  • added filter reset command


Release date: Tue Dec 23 2008

  • added roar_buffer_shift_out()
  • changed roarshout to be 100% compatible with oggfwd options
  • added full support for mu-Law
  • added VIO support for driver API
  • changed esd output driver to use new vio driver API
  • wrote OSS driver
  • added support for --standby and --auto-standby
  • write support for stream based drivers, finally!
  • added -o/-O-/-oO/-oN to roard: stream based output drivers
  • patched null and raw driver to use VIO interface
  • ported libao plugin to new VIO interface
  • added -oP support to mark outputs primary
  • added ROAR_INSTINT to abstract from __LP64__
  • added new trivial filters: Add, Quantifier, Clip
  • added codecfilter for libfishsound, use it as default for ogg_flac and ogg_speex
  • added Ogg FLAC and Ogg Speex Magic
  • added tool roarmonhttp: http streaming tool, CGI or inetd
  • added writing support for RIFF/WAVE
  • flag sources as sources
  • patched some things for cygwin
  • fixed double-reconnect bug within XMMS plugin
  • include libao plugin in normal configure/build/install
  • added passthru for meta streams
  • fixed a lot small bugs
  • include basic rc/init script for debian like systems


Release date: Thu Nov 27 2008

  • fixed some includes, patch by janus


Release date: Tue Nov 25 2008

  • check for __LP64__
  • added roaraudio/error.h
  • added manpages for roar_codec2str() and roar_str2codec()
  • got some YIFF clients working, including yplay!
  • added roarcleints/roarradio*: A RoarAudio client which inizialiszes a new source and has buildin HTTP support.
  • added CDRum support
  • added writeing support for A-Law
  • added proxy support for SOCKS4 and 4d, SSH and HTTP CONNECT
  • improved 32 bit support a lot
  • checking for IPv6 support, not just assuming it to exist (win32 fix)
  • updated docs a bit
  • added install target


Release date: Sun Sep 07 2008

  • fixed a lot typos
  • Added readonly support for A-Law
  • now also build doc/
  • fixed a bug with NetBSD's which
  • look for pkg-config
  • look for other tools, added --runtime-detect to configure
  • Fixed some manpages
  • added support for passive playback (passfh)
  • added support for ROAR_ATTACH_SIMPLE
  • cleaned codec ID #defines a bit up
  • added CMD PASSFH
  • get roard build again on MAC OS X
  • added tool roarcatpassfh
  • added --simple, --passive and --background to roarcatplay
  • got cf vorbis work on vio
  • got standard vio work better on DECnet


Release date: Sun Aug 31 2008

  • done basic stuff
  • started 'libroaresd' to support ESD clients
  • started 'libroararts' to support aRts clients
  • started 'libroaryiff' to support YIFF clients
  • started 'libroarpulse' to support PulseAudio clients
  • done a libao plugin
  • done a lot basic networking stuff, still need some more proxy code
  • got roard work file even with small buffers (<1ms)
  • support different codecs server side decoding
  • support for meta data
  • done some manpages
  • added Ogg Vorbis support (server and client side)
  • added basic clients and some clients for testing and as examples
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